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Our site is a powerful suite of search engine optimization tools you can use for serious SEO and website research. We currently offer more than 50 seo tools in 9 categories.

Header Tag Tools

» HTTP Header Extractor
Extract the HTTP Headers of a web page.
» HTTP Header Viewer
View the headers of the site of your choice.
» Meta Tag Extractor
Extract meta-tags information from a web page.
» Meta Tag Generator
Generate meta-tags for your site.

IP Tools

» IP Locator
Locate the country an IP address resides in.
» Ping
Ping a domain or IP address to find the response time.
» Reverse IP Lookup (Bing)
Find all of the other sites that are hosted on your server.
» Reverse IP/Lookup
Resolve a host to an IP address.

Keyword Tools

» Keyword Click Value
Analyze a keyword and find its per-click values.
» Keyword Density Checker
Check the density of different keywords at the site of your choice.
» Keyword Suggestion Generator (Yahoo!)
Check keyword results and get suggestions using Yahoo's search.

Link Tools

» Link Analyzer
Analyze incoming and outgoing links.
» Link Popularity Checker
Check the number of links pointing to the website of your choice.
» Link Suggestion Generator
Generate links that relate to the keyword/topic of your choosing.
» No-Follow Finder
Scan a website to find no-follow links to various other sites.
» Reciprocal Link Checker
Check multiple sites to see if they are really linking back to you.
» Valid Link Checker
Use this tool to check for broken links on a website.

Miscellaneous Tools

» Browser Details Tool
View your IP address and your browser details.
» Countdown Generator
Copy and paste Javascript code to count down to the date and time of your choice.
» Domain Availability Checker
Check the availability of a specific domain and get suggestions for related domains.
» Domain Typo Generator
Generate a list of possible typos for a domain name.
» List Cleaner
Clean and remove duplicates from a text list.
» URL Redirect Checker
Check to see if a redirect is valid or not.
» Unix Time Converter
Convert UNIX internal time formats to a date or vice versa.
» Website Status Checker
Check whether the five major ports are responding.

Search Engine Tools

» Google Adsense Calculator
Calculate the cost of a Google AdSense campaign.
» Google Adsense Preview
Preview what a Google AdSense ad block will look like for a specific keyword and size.
» Google Banned Checker
Check to see if a website is banned from Google.
» Google Datacenter Search
Check 20 of Google's datacenters to see what they list.
» Search Engine Listing Preview
Preview what your site's listing will look like.
» Search Engine Saturation Checker
Check the number of pages search engines have listed from your website.
» Site Spider Viewer
Find various SEO statistics and spider information about your site.
» Text Website Viewer
View your website in text-only mode, just as the search engines see it.
» Website Resolution Viewer
View your website at a variety of common resolutions.

Source Code Tools

» Domain Whois Retriever
Find out the WHOIS details for your domain.
» .htaccess URL Rewrite Tool
Generate .htaccess mod_rewrite code for dynamic URLs.
» MD5 Encrypter
Encrypt text with MD5 encoding.
» HTML Encrypter
Encrypt your HTML code to hide it from visitors.
» HTML Optimizer
Optimize your HTML code.
» Single-Level Sitemap Creator
Makes an XML sitemap of the page of your choice.
» Source Code Viewer
View the source code of a website.
» Website Speed Test
Find out how fast your website loads.

Website Rank Checkers

» Alexa Traffic Rank Checker
Check the Alexa traffic rank for any single website. Alexa traffic rank represents site traffic based on data from the Alexa toolbar and private sources.
» Fake Rank Checker
Use the Fake Rank Checker to find out if a Web site is faking their Google PageRank.
» Multiple Keyword SE Position Checker
Check a website's search engine position with multiple keywords.
» Search Engine Position Checker
Check the position of a single site with a single keyword on various search engines.
» Site Rank Checker
Check PageRank, PageHeat, and Alexa Rank for a site.
» Multiple Website Search Engine Position
Check multiple websites search engine position with a single keyword.
» Multi-Rank Checker (PageRank and Alexa)
Check multiple websites PageRank and Alexa rank.

Website Submitters

» Automated Directory Submitter
Submits your website to 23 of the top web directories.
» Automated Search Engine Submitter
Submits your website to 19 of the top search engines.


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